Rates in 2017

 big bus  4 pallets up to 1600 kg  € 0.55 per km.
 small bus  3 euro pallets to 500 kg  € 0.50 per km.
 caddy  up to 500 kg  € 0.45 per km.

Several stops will be € 7.50 per stop charged
if driving per kilometer.

 Distribution Work Bus  € 30.00 per hour.
 Handling is calculated after 15 min.  € 27.50 per hour.

Fuel surcharge can be calculated.
Additional costs such as customs passage, ferries and toll roads
constitute ingredient of pricing.

All our activities are applicable Dutch Logistics Terms of payment,
filed at the district court in The Hague, dated October 1, 1993, Act 238.
All foreign shipments made under CMR conditions.
All domestic shipments made under AVC under the General Transport Condition last
modified cross-border transports.

Payment within 30 days after the invoice date.